Second Passport: Why Cyprus?

For High Net Worth Individuals, the ability to obtain a second passport is more popular than ever.

Many people are keen to obtain a second passport on professional or personal grounds. Having an easier and safer lifestyle to raise a family, good weather, a stable economy, a professional infrastructure with global access, enhanced business opportunities and friendly taxation systems are usually some of the reasons to do so. Furthermore, possessing a European passport opens the door to easier travel.

Covid19 has made the need more current than ever due to the geopolitical changes it has and will bring along with it over the next months and years.

Due to the challenges and uncertainty, they found themselves into during the 2020’s first quarter, many discerned individuals have realised that now is the time to proceed with adding a ‘plan b’ or ‘plan c’ in the mix. Successful investors plan with long term goals in mind keenly anticipating where to invest money so the question is why chose Cyprus for a second passport? In addition, following COVID19’s aftermath, will investing within the real estate market in Cyprus be a sound choice?

Future of the Cyprus Real Estate Market

The Cyprus government has introduced a financial aid package to boost and optimize the economy under the latest developments. The package has an estimated value of 1.5 billion euros, 7% GDP with the real estate and development sectors benefiting the most. The support of the government will keep these sectors strong and ready for a predicted bounce back in 2021. Following the end of the restrictions, it is expected that many will be keen to visit Cyprus creating an increase in the need for holiday accommodation that will greatly benefit the real estate market.

Are there any more reasons to why an increasing number of High Net Worth individuals chose to acquire a Cyprus passport?

More Than a Passport

Cyprus offers one of the most desirable passports on the planet right now.

The country features a strong economy with a high return of investment. Cyprus has a very well developed and internationally established legal and financial system based on the robust British model. Furthermore, the majority of businesses and people on the island use English. This fact makes Cyprus ideal as a location for international businesses, not to mention its advantageously central location between Europe, Africa and Asia with no major city too far.

European Access more Vital now than Ever Before

Cyprus is also a member of the EU thus opening the way to the EU market, travel, education, rights and healthcare. To top it all off, Cyprus benefits from favourable taxation that is ideal for high net worth individuals.

It is clear that on business and professional grounds, Cyprus is a strong contender among prospect locations at which to acquire a second passport, but the aspect that pushes it above the rest is the quality of life on offer. Cypriot living is unique, with beautiful locations – from sea to mountains, from local cafes to cosmopolitan cities – Cyprus has it all. World-class healthcare is also provided. A Cyprus passport will not only provide you with a convenient lifestyle but with a safe environment to have a family in as well.

Cyprus offers a location for everyone – whether it’s in the peaceful mountains, the charming old streets of Nicosia, the city life in Limassol or seaside living in Larnaca – you can benefit from the Mediterranean lifestyle. Due to Cyprus’ size, it is possible to experience the variety in just one day with the majority of cities no further that 1 to 2 hours’ drive.

Ayia Napa Cyprus

For those who enjoy quiet, natural and peaceful surroundings but the convenience of shops, restaurants, bars and other amenities nearby, Ayia Napa in Cyprus is an ideal location. This Mediterranean town on the southeast cost of Cyprus is known for its natural beauty and blue flag beaches. Here, it is possible to create your own private haven.

Despite the privacy, the location provides the benefit of being able to dip in and out of city life as and when you wish. Ayia Napa also benefits by being close to the island’s main international airport located just 30 minutes away, providing easy, trouble-free access to frequent travellers. Future developments such as the Ayia Napa Marina will provide luxury shopping, dining and high-class establishments that residents and tourists will be drawn to.

When selecting property in Ayia Napa, a wide variety is available from a range of prices but for those who plan to gain a Cypriot Passport, it is ideal to invest in luxury property to meet the program’s requirements. As a leading luxury property expert, we at SkyPrime Group, design and develop stunning properties to fulfil the need of this niche market, specialising in seafront villas in the most sought-after areas of Ayia Napa.

Here at SkyPrime Group our team of experts is thoroughly equipped in dealing with high net worth individuals who are keen to take part and make the most of Cyprus’ Investment Program. The team is specialized to handle everything required to participate in the program from A to Z for a seamless and trouble-free experience.

Look far into the future; imagine yourself in a luxurious seafront villa by the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in an Island with guaranteed sunshine, friendly locals, the most amazing and healthy gastronomic variety and an abundance of personal and professional benefits. Cyprus offers much more than just a second passport; Cyprus offers an elevated lifestyle.

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Date published: May 12, 2020