Properties for Sale in Limassol

Limassol is known as the cosmopolitan city of Cyprus due to its transformation in recent years. Business, both local and international, has drawn young professionals from all over the globe to the city. Due to this, investors have seized the opportunity to invest in Limassol via housing, offices and luxury amenities to meet the needs of those living in the city, resulting in a transformation into a stunning business hub on the Mediterranean Coast.

Those who visit Limassol can see for themselves the impressive Highrise buildings, luxury projects and the continual increase of people who wish to work and live in Limassol. Due to this high demand, Cyprus property developers have stepped up to develop a number of properties in Limassol.


Key Facts

Multicultural City

The city of Limassol is vibrant in cultures as many from all over the world move to Limassol for business. This mix of cultures creates a unique buzz in Cyprus.

Education in Limassol

For those who move to Limassol with families it is reassuring to know that there is a wide variety of schools, colleges and universities in a number of languages.

Transport in Limassol

Limassol is close to two main airports on the island, Larnaca and Paphos airport. The city also benefits by the operation of the local bus network including rural, intercity and night services.

Climate in Limassol

Limassol benefits from a Mediterranean Climate with an abundance of sunshine. Temperatures in the summer average in the 30’s °C and in the winter, people benefit from a mild winter.


Skyprimes Properties in Limassol

Limassol View Suites

Limassol View Suites is one example of luxury living and design that combines contemporary design with Mediterranean living in a sought-after location. Limassol provide ideal location paired with quality to provide ideal living in Limassol for professionals, families or investors who wish to benefit from life in the cosmopolitan city.

Horizon Villas

Another example is Horizon Villas, a quiet residential area located just outside the bustling center of Limassol. The Villas are also ideal for those who wish to buy property in Limassol for the purpose of benefiting from holiday rental income due to the villa’s prime location.

Properties to Buy in Limassol

Limassol has a range of properties, from luxury flats that are ideal for young entrepreneurs to spacious seafront villas with the perfect amount of room for families. Whether you wish to live in the hustle and bustle in the middle of the city or on the beautiful outskirts of the city there is an ideal property in Limassol for you. On the other hand, many take the opportunity to invest in property and rent out homes to young professionals who work in Limassol.

Commercial Properties for Sale in Limassol

For those who wish to not only live in Limassol but to run a business in Limassol, a wide range of commercial properties are available. The City of Limassol has grown to become an international hub of business drawing professional and investors from all over the globe. Due to the high demand for business space, commercial properties have been developed to meet the rising need, properties that are developed include offices, shops, warehouses and factories of all sizes.

Properties for Sale

For those who wish to receive Permanent Residency in Cyprus – an EU country – a certain amount of money is required to invest in new real estate. SkyPrime has a number of luxury developments that meet the requirements of investments to receive residency rights. From Highrise Penthouses to beachfront villas Skyprime can provide top quality property.

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