Ayia Napa Marina and Developments

The Ayia Napa Marina is set to become the epicenter of business and tourism. Featuring high-end shopping, a fitness center, and spa, drawing both tourists and locals to enjoy the luxury of Ayia Napa Marina.

The marina will include high-end dining and an entertainment area. The goal is to create a high energy pleasant atmosphere in the day that lasts into the evening. The marina will be home to a selection of dining options, bars, and cafes. A unique attraction of the marina will be the events center, a glass building designed to host indoor and outdoor events.

As many invest in the marina and the surrounding area the opportunity to gain Permanent Residency in Cyprus becomes available when investing in property.

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Pairing exclusive locations with luxury properties featuring innovative designs, SkyPrime has exceptional developments near the enchanting Cypriot coast.

Ayia Napa Marina Property

Ayia Napa Marina is set to change the face of the area, creating new jobs and tourism benefiting the Cypriot economy. Skyprime Group offers a luxury investment opportunity to purchase property minutes away from the Ayia Napa Marina. Keeping the advantage of quiet surroundings in a secure private location, allowing residents to visit the commercial side of Ayia Napa and then relax in the privacy of their homes. The location will ensure that buyers receive value for money with properties that are guaranteed to be spacious and just minutes away from the Ayia Napa Marina.

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Napa Gem Suites

Napa Gem Suites elevate holiday accommodation to luxury level. The gated development is located in the heart of Ayia Napa.

Napa Gem Suites project consist of a trio of free-standing mansions. Each block contains a limited number of suites of various sizes to accommodate the individual planned use of the property. The project is located just 4.7km from the Ayia Napa Marina that will feature a one of a kind architectural glass building set as an entertainment center all within reach of the Napa Gem Suites.

View available properties from Napa Gem Suites.

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City Napa Residences

In the heart of Ayia Napa, only a short walk from the monastery square and even closer to the sea, City Napa Residences are taking shape. 

Eight exclusive three-bedroom villas feature in this new development. These luxurious detached properties are located in a central area of Ayia Napa. The project is only 6.1km from the Ayia Napa Marina that features luxury restaurants, bars, and high-end shopping all within easy reach of the City Napa Residences.

View available villas from City Napa Residences here.

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Vivo Mare Residences

Exclusive seafront villas in Cyprus in a natural environment with easy access to urban amenities and leisure facilities.

Vivo Mare is a unique development in Cyprus. Located in a private environment with magnificent sea views, yet only a few minutes away from daily amenities. Vivo Mare is 13.8km away from the Ayia Napa Marina, allowing homeowners to easily visit the luxury marina.

SkyPrime offers a selection of properties in Vivo Mare Residences.


Opportunity for Investment in Ayia Napa.

Property in Ayia Napa and the surrounding area has experienced an upturn. Property experts predict that this is just the beginning of a continual increase in the value of property in the area. As new projects near completion creating economic growth the future for property prices is set to increase. Rewarding returns on investments are likely in both the retail, hospitality, and accommodation sectors due to the inevitable increase in demand.

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